Single Zone Inverter Technology precisely adjusts the compressor and refrigerant flow for better temperature accuracy and ensures optimum room temperatures are maintained.


Included wireless remote controller allows for convenietly making real-time room temperature adjustments, setting the system timer and changing between operation modes.

Energy Saving

Energy efficient operation with environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant and outdoor units equipped with a high-efficiency inverter variable-speed compressor.


All Dial® Mini-Split Systems are AHRI Listed, ETL Certified and are backed by a 7-year compressor and 2-year parts warranty and One-on-One, Person-to-Person™ tech support.

High-Efficiency Cooling & Heating, Anywhere You Need It

Dial® mini-splits are designed to provide efficient cooling and heating to individual rooms or zones. Unlike conventional ducted heating and cooling systems, ductless mini-split systems only focus on one designated area, which reduces energy consumption and utility costs; applications include hot bedrooms, offices, home gyms, server rooms, garages, etc. Our ductless mini-splits are aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient and provide a lower cost due to non-ducted installation when compared to ducted heating and cooling systems.