Frequently Asked Questions


Cooler Controller™ PN 7617
A power outage/severe voltage surge recently occurred, and now the Cooler Controller™ does not operate properly?
Either the unit needs to be Reset, or a component inside the unit was fatally damaged (in which case, the Cooler Controller™ needs to be replaced). Cooler Controllers™ cannot be repaired.

Can the default temperature be changed?
No. The default temperature is factory pre-set to be 77° F.

My Cooler Controller™ now shows temperature in deg C?
Reset the unit:
For newer units, simply push the Reset button. The Reset button is labeled, and it is located below and to the right of the LCD (it is not on the left side of the LCD).
For older units, without a Reset button: disconnect electrical power at the circuit breaker panel for 10 to 15 minutes. This step may have to be repeated a few times. If the unit does not properly reset after repeated attempts, then the unit has failed and it should be replaced.

The 4 wires to my Cooler Controller™ are all small diameter wires?
Then the Cooler Controller™ will not work for your application. Small diameter wires are for a Low Voltage thermostat – the Cooler Controller™ is for 115vac (Line) voltage control. For proper wiring of your Cooler Controller™, please review the Installation Instructions. If needed, contact an electrician.

Power-Clean® Purge Pump PN's 1540 & 1542
I bought a purge pump, but when I plugged it in, nothing happened?
The purge pump will purge cooler reservoir within the next 8 hours of cumulative cooler operation.

Why is water siphoning from my cooler?
The Purge pump drain adapter is not installed. Install the drain adapter into the overflow pipe (e.g. Dial PN 1552 or 1554).

How can I test my Purge pump?
With a hose or piping connected to your cooler drain, place a container (bucket) at the other hose end. After the pad pump has been “ON” for 8 hours, water should exist inside the container.

How long will my Purge pump stay “ON”?
Each cycle will last for about 7 to 8 minutes.

How fast will this pump drain my cooler?
The purge pump water flow rate is about 200 GPH. So the drain time depends on the size and type of cooler that you have. For a residential size Single Inlet cooler (rigid media), it will drain the reservoir in about 2 to 3 minutes. For a standard residential down draft cooler, it will drain the reservoir in about 3 to 4 minutes. And for a standard residential side draft cooler, it will drain the reservoir in about 5 to 6 minutes.

Can I decrease the Purge pump water flow rate so that it won’t drain my cooler as fast?
Yes, simply install a pump hose restrictor clamp (e.g. Dial P/N 9287) and adjust as needed.

Dura-Cool™ Pads
What are the advantages/disadvantages of Aspen vs. Dura-Cool™?
Dura-Cool™ Pads
  • cooler air
  • removes particulates
  • usually can be cleaned
  • non-allergenic - odorless
  • won't shed fiber
  • cut to fit
Aspen Pads
  • costs less to buy
  • replace Aspen pads twice a year for best cooling
  • can shed fiber
  • fold to fit

What can I do about water channeling down the side of Dura-Cool™ pads?
Clean the Dura-Cool™ pad and add a small amount of washing machine fabric softener or use Dial's Fresh-Air™ to eliminate or reduce channeling. Replace pads if necessary.

I use Dura-Cool™ pads. When operating the cooler during a strong wind, water was drawn into the air duct. How can this be prevented?
Use 2 Dura-Cool™ pads in each pad frame.

What can I do about scale buildup in Dura-Cool™ pads?
Rinse pads with garden hose, using gentle thumb pressure to avoid damaging Dura-Cool™'s absorbent material. For excessive scale buildup, replace pads.

MAX COOL® Rigid Media
There is an odor from the Rigid Media when my cooler starts up?
It is normal for Rigid Media pads to have some level of “Start-Up” odor. To help remove this odor, simply operate the "pump only" for about 30 to 60 minutes, and then drain the water out of the cooler and refill with fresh water. Repeat this procedure, if needed.

The start-up odor won’t go away.
If you have repeated the above draining procedure and the odor still won’t go away, then remove the media and wash with a garden hose or soak in water. Re-install Rigid Media. Media odor will dissipate in a few days.


How soon after applying Cooler Coating can I add water to my cooler? How thick should I apply it?
For applying Premium "One Coat" cooler coating (Quart, Gallon and 5 Gallon):
Thickness Guideline: Apply coating to be about 1/16 to 3/32 inch thick. This is about the thickness of a dime. Avoid applying too thick.
Cure Time Guideline: Coating cure time is dependent upon a number of conditions (temperature, humidity level, etc.), but mainly the coating thickness. The thicker the coating the longer the cure time. Typically, properly applied coating should cure within 24 to 48 hours.

Why can't I use an Anode in my new cooler?
The metal surface on "new cooler" water reservoirs is specially coated to prevent corrosion for many years. Use of anodes on these new coolers may damage the protective coating. Anodes should be used when the original factory warranty has expired and when the water reservoir has become corroded.

How does the In-Line Scale Eliminator Cartridge work?
The In-Line Scale Eliminator Cartridge is not a sediment filter. Rather, it is a water conditioner that uses phosphate to raise the cooler water's ability to hold minerals in suspension so that water minerals will not adhere to cooler pad frames, water reservoir or cooler parts. For the In-Line Scale Eliminator to work, cooler water must be purged with a purge pump or bled with a bleed off tee.


The air coming from my cooler isn't as cool as it used to be. A friend suggested that I replace the motor with one of a larger horsepower. Is this a good idea?
When replacing a cooler motor, always choose the same horse power, speed and volt rating.

Apart from the obvious difference in price, are there any other differences (performance/lifespan) between the standard, the brass, and the heavy-duty bronze float valves?
As a rule, heavy-duty bronze valves last the longest, followed by brass and then the standard valve. Heavy-duty bronze valves resist corrosion and the float can easily be adjusted.

Why does the label on the Poly Tubing say 'Not for potable water' and 'For outdoor use only'?
Do not use Dial's poly tubing for potable water. The tubing material has not been approved for potable use. Do not use Dial's poly tubing for indoor, garage or attic applications. Poly tubing may leak due to wall thickness variations and tubing degradation over time. Only use copper tubing that has been approved for indoor applications and/or potable water.

Can I use the Cooler Cleaner or the Fresh Air or Cooler Tabs for my fish ponds?
Do not use Fresh Air or Cooler Tab's in fish ponds. The ingredients have not been tested or approved for non-cooler applications.